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Healthy Tips

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Healthy Tips
Healthy Tips
By William Bedford II
Posted: 2022-10-12T03:59:28Z

Healthy Tips to Start Today

( If you are a member, check out videos of exercises mentioned in this blog for further education)

  • Pain in your arch when you get up in the morning..... Try toe curls, ankle rotations, ankle pumps for 30 sec before get out of bed and standing up on your feet in the morning

  • Stiffness in your back when you wake up in the morning..... Try lower trunk rotations with knees bent up and feet flat, perform slowly with 15 second hold in each direction for about 1 min. Use a a strap to stretch your hamstrings with 30 second holds 3-5 times on each leg. Do all of this before getting out of bed.

  • Knee pain on the outside of your knee while running..... Stretch your IT band, Strengthen your hip abductors with resistance band and lateral walks or sidelying leg lifts, take shorter strides while running.

  • Should I use heat or ice..... Generally heat will be useful for decreasing muscle tension, spasms, and tightness. If injury has become chronic, greater than 72 hours you can also try heat. Heat helps blood flow through injured/dysfunctional area of your body. Ice is useful for excessive swelling and can also be a pain reducer.

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