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Fitness Training

Our fitness focus is on you and our goal is to improve your health! We offer one-on-one physical fitness training in a studio type setting or virtually online that is tailored to your specific health goals.

During these training sessions, your trainer works with you to assess and develop goals for an individualized total body program.

Total Body Strength Training

We have a unique combination of exercises and videos for both personal training and physical therapy you can follow, organized by section of the body.  Our Fitness Specialists develop a challenging customized workout plan with your needs in mind.  No two people are created exactly the same way so therefore no exercise plan should be exactly the same.  If you have a current physical issue our Medical Exercise Specialists work with our Physical Therapists to develop a safe and effective program catered to you with effective progressions as you move forward.  We offer various strength classes depending on your abilities such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Glide Disc, Ball & Band Circuit Class, and a Band & Chair Circuit Class.



Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a group effort.  It starts with a well balanced diet, and a combination of strength training and cardiovascular training.  Reach your weight loss goals with our certified fitness specialists. Regardless if you’re looking to lose 5 or 100 pounds, our experts can help you do so in a safe and healthy way.  We offer a B Fit Weight Loss program you can follow with is a combination of strength, cardio of choice whether it be walking, running, swimming, dancing, etc., and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Moderate Intensity Interval Training (MIIT).  If you want to start walking or get into running you can start at any age with these programs.  We offer a B Fit Walk program, and B Fit Walk to Run program that slowly moves you from walking shape to running conditioning.  We also have recorded virtual Fitness classes to help with strength training and weight loss such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Glide Disc, Ball & Band Circuit Class, and Chair & Band Circuit Classes. 


Pregnancy Fitness

We provide safe one to one personalized prenatal exercises for you and your baby to keep you balanced and strong throughout your pregnancy.  Our Fitness Specialists add preventative care exercises during your training sessions to help you avoid injury and weakness.  We encourage you to train postpartum to get you back in pre baby shape.  Having a baby can cause your body to have many changes which need to be addressed.  We design a safe and effective program for you to work on your strength, core, weight loss, and balance.  



Balance & Core Training

Your core starts from your upper back down to your mid quads.  Your core needs to be mobile and be strengthened.   It is comprised of more than just your abdominal muscles as many people believe to be the case.  Your torso is associated with your core muscles.  Balance training and core work is important at any age to prevent falls and improve total body stability and strength.  We develop balance and strength programs that can help improve your everyday activities such as walking, household chores, working outside, and more.


Race Training

Whether you’re looking to set a personal record or running a big race for fun, we’ll help you with a detailed training program.  Our Fitness Specialists will be there for you throughout your training and give you encouragement as you continue to progress in your program.  We will give you guided training for a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, or Marathon.  It is important to strength train and work on your core while you are training for your event.  We provide exercises with your training program to help strengthen your total body as well as prevent future injury.



Golf Fitness

If you are new to golf or play golf regularly we can work with you on improving your golf fitness.  We develop training programs that cater to the movements of golf in order to help you gain more mobility/flexibility, strength, and balance, to improve your game.  If you are injured or need help with form our Physical Therapist and TPI Certified Titleist Golf Expert will work with you to get you back out to enjoying the sport you enjoy.   


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Why Train With Us?

  • Years of Experience in the health and wellness industry.
  • We care about your needs and goals and cater your workouts to achieve them.
  • One on One attention post physical therapy or even while in therapy.  We work together if needed to develop a plan for you working with and around your injuries.
  • We can design a program for you if you are new to fitness, in need of a fresh workout plan, need to loose some weight, or other health reasons.
  • We train virtually and in our clinic.

Benefits of Working with a Fitness Specialist

  • We train you to help you perform better without injuring yourself
  • Accountability for your workouts
  • Help you reach your goals with customized workouts
  • Exercise programs created for your sport or needs
  • Workouts are more fun with a Fitness Specialist!

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