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B|PTFit Virtual On-Demand Fitness Class Videos

Choose a Class that Fits Your Level of Intensity

We have recorded fitness classes that are high intensity, moderate intensity and low intensity.  All of these classes are full-body, dynamic workouts that can be performed wherever and whenever you have time.  These classes will help with strengthening, weight-loss and endurance



Ball and Band

Glide Disc

Chair Strength

HIIT Classes

 High Intensity Interval Training class is a highly advanced class focusing on the total body.  HIIT is a body weight and band class combining strength,cardio and core all in one.   We focus on intense intervals using body weight and bands with low rest to keep you burning calories for a longer period of time even after the class is completed.  If you have any injuries please consult with one of our healthcare professionals before your start, or proceed with caution.




Ball and Band Circuit Classes

Ball & Band Circuit Class is a moderately hard total body class using a body ball and bands.  This class focuses primarily on strength and core training using the body ball and bands in multiple ways with circuits.  If you have a hard time getting up and off the floor or sitting and moving on a ball be cautious if you choose to do this class.

Ball & Band Circuit Class 1

Ball & Band Circuit Class 2

Glide Disc Classes

Glide Disc is a unique class using glide discs to slide and glide on the floor.  It is a moderate to hard class consisting of strength, cardio, core, and balance, on the floor using both your hands and feet.  The class requires one to be able to get up and off of the floor easily without pain.  It can be done at your own pace and intensity for a set interval time.  If you have any injuries proceed with caution or contact one of our health professionals.

Glide Disc 1

Glide Disc 2

Glide Disc 3

Chair and Band Circuit Classes

Chair & Band circuit class is tailored to most people.  It is a beginner class focusing on the total body using the chair and bands to strengthen the body and core.  Most exercises will be done with the chair, but occasionally the floor or higher flat surfaces such as a soft table or bed may be used.  This is a low impact circuit class with longer intervals done at your own pace without specific cardio exercises.  Please contact us with any questions or prior injury concerns.

Chair & Band Circuit Class 1

Chair & Band Circuit Class 2

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